Hoezit /Select Musiek (c) 2005




1 – JY HET MY HART GESTEEL: Tony Hermie / Afr: Jacques Lombard (c) Select Music

2 – WALVISBAAI: L Terblanche (c) TRC Musiek

3 – SOEN MY:  Les Charles / Ben Findon (c) Black Sheep Music

4 – MAMMA: Dick van Altna (c) Peter Power Publishing

5 – ANGEL OF THE MORNING: C Taylor (c) EMI Blackwood Inc.

6 – 30 DAE IN DIE SOMER: M Hannes / W Gerke / Afr: K Darren (c) Cosima Music Verlag

7 – YOU DRIVE ME CRAZY: D Kublback (c) Unknown

8 – DO YOU LIKE WHAT YOU SEE: Tony Ridgway (c) Hoezit Music

9 – WALK IN THE ROOM: J Deshannon (c) Metric Music

10- PRINS VAN DIE GEWESTE: M Hannes / W Gerke / Afr: K Darren (c) Cosima Music Verlag

11- CANT BE WITH YOU : F L Da Silva (c) Reward Music

12- MANOLITO: Tony Ridgway (c) Hoezit Music

13- ALL OUT OF LOVE: G Russell / C Davis (c) BMG Music Publishing

14- MANSMENSE: Tony Ridgway (c) Hoezit Music

15- FOLLOW YOUR HEART: Tony Ridgway (c) Hoezit Music


              YOU AND I: J Duval / A Nova (c) Sony Music International

              I’M ALIVE: A Carlsson / K Lundin (c) WB Music Company

              ONE HEART: K Dioguard / J Shaanks (c) Sony Music International

17- SOMER IN LANGEBAAN: Tony Ridgway (c) Hoezit Music

18- EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU: D Zschech / D Holmes (c) Extravagant Worship Publishing

19- DIE KAAP EEN DIE REEN: Tony Ridgway (c) Hoezit Music

20- DIE LEWE’S SOOS ‘N LIEDJIE: Tony Ridgway (c) Hoezit Music

21- SILWERSEE: Tony Ridgway / Ilse Krigler ((c) Hoezit Music